• Large Peace Lamp
  • Large Peace Lamp

Large Peace Lamp

The peace lamps were the brainchild of Father Raed, an entrepreneurial Catholic priest from Jenin who served the Taybeh diocese for many years.

The idea was to to unite Christian congregations around the world through placing peace lamps in thousands of congregations.

You are now offered the opportunity to become part of the legacy which received the blessings of the Cardinal of Florence, H.E Ennio Antonelli as well as the one of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, H.B. Michel Sabbah.

The Peace Lamp comes with a bottle of olive oil and wax impregnated wicks to keep it burning. Olive oil has been used for illumination since biblical times. Small candles also fit in the Peace Lamp.

27cm long ( 10.63 inches)


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