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Christian Products from the Holy Land

The Christian story is still thriving in the HolyLand despite the ongoing challenges. Millions of Christians visit pilgrimage sites each year, and help continue a 2,000-year tradition of faith. 

The Palestinian Christian population has been dwindling for decades due to the Nakbah (1948 Catastrophe), the Occupation in the West Bank and Gaza since 1967, and structural discrimination inside Israel. As a result, their numbers have declined from about 10% of the population before 1948 to about 1% today.

Most Christians in the Holy Land are Greek Orthodox, but there are also Lutherans, Catholics, Armenians, Russians and others. There is also a growing number of Evangelicals and Messianic Jews. 

We invite you to support the HolyLand Christian communities through patronage of their craft traditions. These products represent a lifeline for local people and we proudly offer them to you. 

Olive Wood Crosses Collection

Many individual olive trees have been providing wood for centuries for the m...

Details $145.00

Olive Wood Crosses

Handmade in Bethlehem, where families carry on the age old tradition of cra...

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Mug - Seven Species

The Seven Species are essential foods mentioned in the bible, (Deut. 8:8)...

Details $49.00

Jerusalem Tile

The design of this hand-painted tile is first outlined, then painted in col...

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Olive Wood Box - Jerusalem

Olive wood boxes from Jerusalem are an iconic gift from the HolyLand, built o...

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Olive Wood Box - Bethlehem

Olive wood boxes from Bethlehem celebrate the birthplace of Jesus, and the fa...

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Olive Wood Christmas Ornaments

Olive wood Christmas ornaments add elegance and beauty to your home, especial...

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Plate - Seven Species

This unique plate can be placed in a plateholder on a sideboard to enhance...

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Nativity Scene - olive wood

What better way to commemorate the birth of baby Jesus but with a nativity sc...

Details $86.00

Seven Species Tile

The beautiful design of this hand-painted tile is first outlined, then pain...

Details $44.00