Olive Wood Crosses Collection

Many individual olive trees have been providing wood for centuries for the making of artefacts. The wood used for craftwork is actually a byproduct of best practices in nurturing the growth of olive trees.

Every year or two the branches of each tree are pruned and trimmed in order to maximise the production of quality olives.

The wood is then graded and used to produce both religious and practical items. Many of the same families have been carving olive wood since antiquity. The tradition is passed down from one generation to the next.

This collection of three classic crosses of different sizes will enable you to grace three of the important locations of your life with a declaration of faith.  Each Cross has a small metal hoop on the back for it to hang on a wall. 

Small: 12cm X 7.5cm (4.72 X 2.95 inches)

Medium: 16cm X 10.5cm (6.3 X 4.13 inches)

Large: 25cm X 15cm (9.84 X 5.9 inches)