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Embroidered clothing and home decor has been a feature of Middle Eastern Life far back into antiquity. The art traditionally is handed down from mothers to daughters, often passing on designs that are particular to their village, clan, ethnic or religious group. 

In recent years there have been many projects to revive the art, and maintain it for posterity, while providing often the poorest of women the opportunity to develop an independent income. This development is fostered by local cooperatives, fair trade enterprises, NGOs, and entrepreneurs.

Featured here is a wide variety of traditional and modern designs, all employing the same painstaking handwork that is the hallmark of fine embroidery.

Hemp Bag with Embroidery

This pretty hemp bag from India has been embroidered by the women at Balata...

Details $35.00

Julia Short Cocktail Dress

Meet Julia. This minimalist short cocktail dress is perfect for date night...

Details $198.00

Lakia Embroidered Cushion Cover

Desert Embroidery believes in helping Bedouin women by generating income through...

Details $145.00

Latifa Black gown with Gold Embroidery

This gown will be great for holiday parties or to be your favorite little...

Details $298.00

Noya Gown with Luxurious Hand Embroidered Scoop Neck

The Noya evening gown in classic black is hand-embroidered with metallic...

Details $298.00

Premium Denim Jacket with Palestinian Embroidery

There are two great designs to choose from, a blue flower pattern or a peaco...

Details $244.00

“Judy” Casual Blue Tote bag with Red Leather Handles & Palestinian Embroidery

Our most affordable and versatile bag ever! Named after our Israeli based...

Details $128.00

“Mira” Saddle Bag in Tan or Black with Palestinian Embroidered Statement Strap

Curvaceous detailing decorates the saddle-shaped flap of a black crossbody...

Details $298.00

“Paula” Denim Clutch w/ Leather Trim & Palestinian embroidery

The “Paula” clutch bag is great for casual days out when you just want to c...

Details $58.00