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Mugs & Glasses

There's nothing so basic as drinking your favourite beverage from a classic mug or glass. This collection represents some of the finest craftwork and brands in Palestine and Israel.

These products come from the Samarian Highlands, the Old City of Jerusalem and the casbah of Hebron.

Whether you need something to sip your coffee, chug your beer, or just a fine piece of art to showcase in your salon, these ceramic and glass beverage containers will meet your needs.

6 Water Glasses - Hand Blown Glass

This exquisite hand blown glass is the product of a small workshop in Hebron...

Details $69.50

Mug - Bird

Birds are a traditional motif in Armenian ceramics. This rendering places a...

Details $39.50

Mug - Floral

This repetitive floral pattern is an original design by George Sandrouini.E...

Details $39.50

Mug - Seven Species

The Seven Species are essential foods mentioned in the bible, (Deut. 8:8)...

Details $39.50

Mug - Two Birds

This oversized mug features two intertwined lovebirds, surrounded by an abs...

Details $39.50

Plate - Seven Species

This unique plate can be placed in a plateholder on a sideboard to enhance...

Details $118.75

Taybeh Beer glass

Nadeem Khoury, co-owner of Taybeh Brewery, pours a cool brew of Taybeh's fin...

Details $13.75

Taybeh Beer mug

A well crafted mug for your favourite brew. Best when used with Taybeh Beer...

Details $29.50