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Majed al Nabulsi - Olive Oil Soap Products - Nablus

For hundreds of years Nablus has been famous for it's high quality olive oil soaps, made from locally produced virgin olive oil. The Nabulsi family has been involved in soap making for over 200 years, and established the Majed al Nabulsi Company in 1920. and liquid soaps since 2005. 

Traditionally made by women for household use, soap-making had become a significant industry for Nablus by the 14th century. In 1907 the city's 30 soap factories were supplying half the soap in Palestine. The industry declined during the 20th century following destruction caused by the 1927 earthquake, competition by modern soaps and later disruption from the Israeli military occupation.

Albader Olive Oil Soap

Made in the workshops of the Majed al Nabulsi Company,  this soap is stacke...

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Classic Olive Oil Soap - pack of 5 or 10

The classic product is hand made in the workshops of Majed al Nabulsi in Na...

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Goat's Milk Olive Oil Soap

This special recipe olive oil soap with 20% goats milk is made by hand in N...

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Liquid Olive Oil Soap

From the land of the oldest olive trees in the world, Majed al Nabulsi Oliv...

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