Hot-plate Seven Species

In ancient times only the first fruits of the Seven Species could be brought to the Temple in Jerusalem as offerings.

The beautiful tile is bisque-fired in Hebron, then painted, glazed and fired in Jerusalem by members of the Sandrouni family, and finally framed with classic olive wood from Bethlehem.

The Seven Species are essential foods mentioned in the bible, (Deut. 8:8). The seven species listed are wheat, barley, grape (wine), fig, pomegranates, olive (oil), and date (honey).

Wheat fields, vineyards and olive groves are still a salient feature of the Holy Land landscape today. Figs, pomegranates and dates are common ingredients in the cuisine of both Israelis and Palestinians.

There are two sizes to choose from depending on your needs. 
SMALL - 21 X 17.5 cm. ( 8.26 X 6.89 inches)

LARGE - 27 X 22.5 cm. ( 10.63 X  8.86 inches )


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