• Banksy 'Balloon Girl' Tshirt
  • Banksy 'Balloon Girl' Tshirt
  • Banksy 'Balloon Girl' Tshirt

Banksy 'Balloon Girl' Tshirt

'Balloon Girl' created by Banksy on Israel's Separation Wall is a poignant yet subtle piece.

This fantasy image reflects the idealism and naiveté of childhood, the dreams of a child who wishes s/he could fly and float up and away from the realities of their personal situation.

In this case the fear and trauma of Palestinian and Israeli children from both sides of the Wall are subtly implicit in this art piece.

This 100% cotton t-shirt makes a fashion statement and will identify you as a connoisseur of sophisticated street art. The stencilled design is on the front and back of the shirt. Such an original t-shirt also functions as an amazing and celebrated piece of art.


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