Reflections on The Psalms - Music Book

This book contains selections from from the CD of the same title. The music is arranged for harp and can be played by advanced beginners to professional level. 

" The Psalms reflect the spectrum of human emotions, ranging from the depths of despair to radiant joy, yet all striving for a connection between the personal and the Divine. "
Rabbi Judith Edleman-Green

Mi Ha Ish - שיאה‭  ‬ימ‭ ‬ - Psalm 34:12-14 - Baruch Chait

B’Shem HaShem - םשה‭ ‬םשב - prayer- Shlomo Carlebach

Shir LaMa’alotתולעמל‭ ‬ריש - Psalm 121 - Y. Karduner

Pithuli Sha’are Tzedek -קדצ‭  ‬ירעש‭  ‬יל‭ ‬וחתפ  Psalm 118:19
- Shlomo Carlebach

Esa Enai - יניע‭ ‬אשא  - Psalm 121:1-2 - Shlomo Carlebach


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