Woven Cushion Cover - Series-SD - Trad-A

These heirloom, quality, stunning Bedouin cushions are meticulously made from hand-spun sheep's wool, dyed and woven on primitive looms.

Modern dyes are used and are color-fast, as long as not exposed for long periods to direct sunlight.

The cushions have a zipper in the back where the stuffing or plain stuffed insert can be installed.

This is one of our most traditional styles. The colours are traditional Bedouin favorites.

There are two sizes to choose from.  You can also purchase these cushions with or without the stuffing. 

Small - 35cm X 35 cm (13.78 X 13.78 inches)
Large - 60cm X 60cm (23.62 X 23.62 inches)


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