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Green Olive Collective

   The Green Olive Collective created this website to assist with economic development for the struggling communities in Palestine/Israel, and to raise awareness about the issues that have divided the country for century or more.

Green Olive Tours provides a venue for visitors to the country to explore historical & religious sites, and the political issues of the day. These products below are a celebration of our success. Enjoy!

A Brief Framing of the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict

FREE DOWNLOAD - 16 pages, including maps - 6th Edition - 2020 -  This short booklet...

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Green Olive Hat

These comfortable baseball-style hats keep the sun out of your eyes and showcase you...

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Green Olive Hemp Bag

This pretty hemp bag proudly displays the Green Olive logo.   It is the perf...

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Green Olive Solar Light

For every one you buy for yourself, we will donate another one in your name to a Pa...

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Hemp Bag with Embroidery

This pretty hemp bag from India has been embroidered by the women at Balata...

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Key chain touch tool

Isolation and frequent hand washing is the best way to avoid contamination and catch...

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Sport Shirt - Green Olive Tours

  Simple, useful and practical. These comfortable shirts can be worn on any occasion...

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