Vision, Mission and Values

The products in this shop are created by, or distributed by, carefully chosen partners representing two or more of the following criteria :

    • Minority or oppressed populations in Palestine and Israel.  
    • Groups or individuals pursuing ethical relationships between Palestinians and Israelis
    • Groups or individuals contributing to a just solution to the conflict.
    • Economic development projects on the margins of the the mainstream economy.
    • NGOs, Small business, cooperatives.
    • Eco-friendly and fair trade products from other countries - included to generate profits that support minority or oppressed populations in Palestine and Israel.

Made In Peace is a project of the Green Olive Collective, a unique social enterprise conducting tours, volunteer programs, and product sales in Palestine and Israel. 

The Green Olive Collective (GOC) was founded in 2007 as a Palestinian/Israeli bi-national organisation, and is managed by the Working Partners. GOC is a Social Enterprise and a Workers Collective. The organisation generates income for the Working Partners, and develops social, cultural and political activities that cultivate humane and just societies.

The organization is registered in the USA, and managed by Partners in Jaffa, Jerusalem and Bethlehem. It has Palestinian and Israeli working partners, and over 100 Investors and Members from over 20 countries around the globe. Membership is open to everyone.

You are encouraged to become a member of the Collective and to engage with the issues in Israel/Palestine. You will receive a a myriad of benefits, including discounts in this shop. To join the Collective, follow this link > > >

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