Our Partners

This shop is a tribute to the courageous men and women who have the tenacity to keep on working and producing, in order to support their families in regions of conflict and oppression.

In particular we salute the peoples of Palestine and Israel who go about their daily lives, trying to be productive and useful, while experiencing fear, trauma, abuse, and denial of basic rights by the authorities.

The human spirit can endure the most terrible experiences, yet triumph through a renewal of focus on the basics of life. Work - Family - Community.

These products illustrate the greatness of people, and their ability to pursue creative and practical goals despite great odds against them. 

The Holy Land today has many names. 
- Palestine - Israel - West Bank - Gaza - 
Modern politics have divided the peoples in two - Palestinians and Israelis - Arabs and Jews.

Yet there are actually dozens of ethnic groups, religious affiliations and national identities in the country. Many of the craft items offered here reflect these traditions. From Armenian to Ethiopian, from Druze to Christian, and from Bedouin to Circassian. 

All of us at the Green Olive Collective offer these products humbly, in the hope that you will find useful and decorative items to grace your homes and gift your friends and family. 

We promise that the money you spend will be distributed fairly among all the people who create, package and distribute these fine products.

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